Beauty Q&A: Does over-moisturizing dry out your skin?

Kendra’s question…Okay, if over applying lip balm dries out your lips, does over applying moisturizer dry out your skin?

The Right Brain Replies:

Kendra is referring to our post on lip balm addiction where we said that constantly applying lip balm can reduce your lips’ ability to moisturize itself.

Skin deep

Luckily, most women don’t get addicted to skin lotion because the skin on the rest of your body is different than the skin on your lips. Lip skin is very thin and doesn’t have the same thick, protective stratum corneum layer that the rest of the body has. Also, lips lack the sweat and oil glands that provide moisture, so they dry out faster.

The Brains Bottom line

Over-moisturizing the skin on your body isn’t as “addictive” as moisturizing the skin on your lips because your lips dry out faster than the rest of your skin.