Which mineral makeup is best?

Mary Jane asks…Have you published your report on mineral makeup and I just missed it? If so, how do I find it? If it is still in the works, when can we all learn more about this revolution in face products? Really looking forward to this one!

The Right Brain responds:

No, Mary Jane, you didn’t miss anything. We’ve been promising you a report on Mineral Makeup for over a year! All the research is done and we assigned our intern, Mid Brain, to turn the info into a PDF that we could email to our readers. Unfortunately, Mid Brain was not really up to the task, so all that research has just been sitting on the shelf. Until now. (By the way, don’t think Mid Brain is getting off the hook for letting us all down on this assignment. Stay tuned for more on Mid Brain’s punishment).

Rather than waiting until we can figure out the best way to publish the entire report, we decided that today we would just blog about one of the top rated brands in our study. But first, we’ll tell you about our rating scale.

Mineral makeup research

We surveyed 75 of the top mineral makeup and rated them on the following criteria:

Mineral Purity

Do they truly contain minerals only or are they diluted with other materials? We ranked all the brands on an A, B, C scale with A being the purest mineral quality.

Talc and Bismuth Free

While technically talc and bismuth are safe materials, many women are concerned about these chemicals and would prefer minerals cosmetics that are talc and bismuth free. To make the top of the top, mineral makeup brands had to be formulated without these ingredients.


We found that brands claiming to contain pure minerals that ranged in price from about $0.30 per gram to over $8.00 per gram. That means you could be paying more than 25 times the price that you should be! Our top rated brands had to have high quality as well as affordability.

Which Mineral Makeup Brand is best?

In our research, a few rose to the top. And today we’re featuring Mineral Hygenics as one of the best of the best. Here are our ratings:

Mineral Hygienics Mineral Makeup

(Score based on their Foundation)

Mineral Purity: A

Talc and Bismuth Free: Yes

Price: $1.60 per gram

The Beauty Brains bottom line

If you’re looking for a mineral makeup, this is a brand that we recommend based on our technical assessment. You can find it by clicking on any of the links in today’s post.

Has anyone tried Mineral Hygenics? Leave a comment for the rest of the Beauty Brains community and let us know, or just tell us about YOUR favorite brand.