Beauty q&a: Are my pores weird?

Anon asks…I have a follow-up question regarding the pore cleansing strips. Although I don’t use them too often AND I follow the directions on the box, I can’t really see the results. I mean, I use them when I think my nose needs it (I can actually see tiny black dots on my nose) but nothing comes out when I peel off the strip. Then I end up pressing my nose really hard to make them come out, which makes my nose red and swollen AND makes me sneeze. Are my strips not working or do I have weird pores??

The Right Brain thinks:

That’s puzzling. The only thing we can think of is that you’re not applying the strips properly. The strips work by adhesion to your skin. If you have the strips too wet or too dry, they won’t stick very well and if they don’t stick they won’t work. The principle is pretty simple so it’s unlikely that your pores are the problem.

What is a problem is the expense of the pore strips – if you have to keep experimenting to get them to work, you’re probably going to blow through a box pretty quickly. And even on sale, that could still cost you $8.99 for 14 strips! So while we urge you to try using them again with different levels of wetness, we realize it might be too costly. Now, if you’re still worried that your pores are weird, go read this.

What do you think? Do pore strips really work for you? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of the “poor” Beauty Brains community.