7 Sources for Cosmetic Ingredient Information

Are you curious about cosmetic ingredients? Every product sold in the United States is required to put a listing of the ingredients they use but do you ever wonder what those chemicals are? I know I did. During my college days I would read the ingredients on the shampoo bottle and wonder, what are these chemicals? To find out used to require a trip to the local library, a copy of the CTFA Dictionary and a degree in chemistry. But no longer!

Here are 7 FREE websites that list information about cosmetic ingredients. Some of them are searchable (just type in the ingredient name) while others are listed alphabetically. If you’re curious about an ingredient, just look it up. Then if you still have questions, be sure to get it to us by clicking on the button to Ask the Brains.

Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionaries

INCI Directory by Special 4 Chemists – The most thorough list of cosmetic ingredients without consulting the “official” INCI Dictionary. Geared more towards cosmetic formulators than consumers.

Cosmetics Info – The cosmetic industry’s compilation of cosmetic ingredients. It has limited information and focuses on safety data not on performance.

The Cosmetic Cop ingredient dictionary – Paula has put together a good list of common cosmetic ingredients. These focus more on skin care ingredients.

The Personal Care Products Council buyers guide – If you know the name of an ingredient, you can search for the company that makes it and get information from them directly.

EWG Skin Deep Database – The safety information here is not quite accurate but they do list lots of ingredients which can be helpful.

Tightcurly Ingredient list – She’s put together her own compilation of hair care ingredients. It’s limited information but we admire her spirit.

Avre Skin Care ingredient dictionary – a focus on skin care ingredients and mostly on ingredients they use in their products.

These sites should help inform you about cosmetic ingredients, at least until the Beauty Brains come up with their own version. Would this be something that you would want us to work on? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts