Will Silicone Build Up on My Hair?

Celeste asks…I have found out from this site that all I hear about silicone is not true. So what else is not true? Do I have to cleanse the silicone from my hair, or will it wear off? Can I use an Aubrey or some such shampoo or cowash?

The Left Brain responds:

Silicone is a much maligned ingredient; I’m really not sure what it’s done to deserve this reputation.

Wear off or wash off?

Whether or not a silicone will “wear off” depends on what type of silicone you’re talking about. Dimethicone needs to be washed off. Cyclomethicone will evaporate off your hair just like water evaporates. Generally, any shampoo will wash away the silicone left on your hair from styling treatments and conditioners.

Is Aubrey acceptable?

Any shampoo will wash away the silicone. Cowash will not be enough and the silicone may start to build up and weigh down your hair.

What do you think? Do you have trouble washing silicone out of your hair? Leave a comment and share your tips with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.