How can I treat back acne?

Pam Ponders…I have a persistent back acne problem and my dermatologist recommended Clindamycin solution and Ketoderm cream to treat it. Do they really work? How? (By the way my back acne has not improved at all).

The Right Brain responds:

Clindamycin is an antibiotic cream that is frequently prescribed for severe acne. Why? Because one of the causes of acne is bacteria and antibiotics kill bacteria. So, although not everyone responds the same, it does make sense to try it as a treatment approach.

Ketoderm is an antifungal cream, which is not typically used as a treatment for acne since acne is not caused by a fungus. The Beauty Brains are not doctors and we’d never contradict something your doctor tells you, but you might ask why he or she is prescribing an antifungal for a non-fungal induced condition.

Here’s another over the counter treatment you might try: According to concentrated Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) is good for bacne, as they call it. While this high dosage might irritate your face, the skin on your back is thicker and less likely to be irritated. Finally, you might try changing your wardrobe. Some sources say that tight clothing or chafing from backpack or purse can irritate the skin and trigger inflammation.