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What does your hair really need?

Cubelixa’s question…Ok, thanks to you I have already learned that silicones are not as bad as some people say; that the first 5 key ingredients of shampoo and conditioner of different brands are often the same or at least similar; and that the herbal stuff they throw into their products don’t do much for my hair but are mostly there for selling/marketing reasons. Now my question is: what (ingredients) does my hair really need to stay healthy and grow as long as I want it to?

The Left Brain’s answer:

The truth is your hair doesn’t “need” any topical ingredient to keep it “healthy” and growing long.

No such thing as healthy hair

It’s a common misconception that hair can be healthy. Hair can be no more healthy than a shoe lace, a cotton blouse, or any other non-living fiber. The hair on your head is not living tissue. It is dead, keratinized protein. Hair cannot be healthy. Of course, it can look healthy or not-healthy but that’s not the same thing.

What does hair need?

So, hair doesn’t need any topical treatment. However, hair follicles (the living tissue below your scalp that makes hair) do need vitamins, nutrients, and other critical elements that it gets from the foods you eat. This is why it is important to eat a healthy diet to have healthy looking hair.

One other factor

Although there is no ingredient you can put on your hair to make it healthier or improve growth, the particular hair style you wear can have an effect on growth. If you wear pony tails, do a lot of heat styling, or otherwise physically damage your hair, it will negatively affect hair growth.

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  • Kate December 16, 2015, 7:08 pm

    Hi The Beauty Brains,

    I don’t really care what my hair looks like, but then i noticed it was dry and frizzy. I was awakened with your information. I know what to do now. keep up!

  • Margarita Cesar May 9, 2017, 10:34 pm

    Hi there! What are these vitamins you speak of? haha I’ve heard of something called “hair skin and nails”. Does it work? Are there any vitamin supplements that could help with hair growth? I have ruined my eyebrows and eyelashes and looking for a solution, and my i could do with thicker hair on my head.. 🙂

    Thank you! Love the podcast btw!

    • Randy Schueller May 10, 2017, 9:59 am

      Vitamins won’t help your hair or skin unless you’re very malnourished.