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Why Guys May Like You Better if You Don’t Wear Perfume

In a study that’s sure to be controversial, the journal Psychological Science reports (via Science Daily) that women may be wasting billions of dollars every year on perfume, because the natural odor may be more attractive to men.

Periodic perfumery

The study was designed to test the hypothesis that male testosterone levels can be effected by odor signals from females, especially during ovulation. The researchers had male volunteers sniff tee shirts worn by women in different phases of their menstrual cycles. The amount of testosterone in the men’s saliva was then measured. The results showed that guys who smelled the shirts of ovulating women had more testosterone in their spit. Even more interesting, these guys rated the odor of the shirts worn by ovulating women as more pleasant. The researchers speculate that this biological reaction may be driven by some kind of mating behavior. Does this mean you shouldn’t wear perfume during your period?