Are women’s razors different from men’s?

B. Cluz asks…Is there really a difference between men and women’s razors? The women’s razors always seem to be more expensive and I’ve heard it’s because they put in those moisturizing strips, women’s hair is different, etc, etc. But honestly, can’t we use a men’s razor to do the same thing?

The Left Brain’s razor sharp reply:

There is a popular notion belief that women’s razors get dull faster so they must be different. But when you compare apples to apples there doesn’t seem to be much real difference.

Razor reality

First, it is likely you’ll see differences if you’re comparing different brands at different price points. For example, if you’re comparing a basic Schick disposable for women to a Gillette Mach 3 for men with triple blades and a moisturizing strip, yeah, you will see differences.

Second, you may also see differences in razor performance because of the difference in how men and women shave. Men shave thicker beard hairs off their face that has a relatively small surface area. Women shave thinner hairs off both legs that have a much larger surface area. Scraping across all that leg skin can dull a blade much faster.

Masculine marketing

If you want to read more, here’s a USA Today article that discusses Gillette’s expansion of their Mach 3 vibrating razor technology into their Venus line for women. While there’s no proof that the blades are the same, there’s no mention of any fundamental differences in technology between the two either. But even if the razor’s aren’t very different technically, the razor companies should know how to market to men and women differently. Here’s a great post from Learned On Women about how NOT to market to women. This blog tells the truth about marketing to women the same way The Beauty Brains tells the truth about science. Check it out.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

The simple answer is, yes, you can use a man’s razor. There are obvious differences like color, style, feel of the grip, etc., but functionally they’ll both cut hair the same way.

Have YOU ever shaved with a man’s razor? Did you notice a difference? Leave a comment and share your shaving suppositions with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.