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Why does my zit cream stop working?

Ella inquires…I’m using Neutrogena Advanced Solutions and I was wondering if it really works because it was working for a while and now it’s just not! What’s up with that? I want clear skin!!!! Can you recommend a better product?

The Right Brain responds:

Without more information it’s tricky to say for sure what’s caused the product to stop working. But, we have some theories.

Sal acid versus BP

You didn’t tell us which Advanced Solutions product you’re using, but if it’s the Skin Polishing Acne Cleanser it contains Salycilic Acid, one of the standard acne fighting ingredients that’s approved as on over the counter drug. It could be that your skin doesn’t respond well to this acne agent. If you haven’t already tried it, you could switch to one that contains benzoyl peroxide instead. (Actually, one of the other products in the Advanced Solutions line, the Overnight Acne Control Lotion, does use BP. You may find that your blemishes respond better to Sal Acid, BP or a combination of the two.)

You might also try waiting a week or two and then using your Advanced Solutions product again. It could be that you’re experiencing an acne flare up that’s not related to the medication but that’s triggered by hormones or some other environmental factor. Maybe under “normal” conditions the product will work just fine for you.

Fried food face

By the way, if you think that too much fried food is causing your acne to flare up, go read this list of myths about what causes acne. You’ll be surprised at what DOESN’T make acne worse! We hope these suggestions help – you may have to experiment with several products before you find the one that’s just right for you.