Are Bliss Spa Products Worth It?

Cindy says…I’ve been eying Bliss Spa products and was wondering if you ladies have an opinion on them? They are so expensive! Are they worth the debt?

The Right Brain can barely stop laughing:

Ok, as a rule we strive to maintain scientific objectivity. But when we checked out the Bliss Spa website we laughed so hard we almost spit Diet Coke all over our monitor.

Bliss B.S.

We don’t know about all the products in the Bliss Line, but the one that caught our attention was their Ray Of Hope Slenderizing Sunscreen. What was so funny? We quote from their website:

We’ve preloaded our newest sunscreen with slender spheres™—microscopic molecules that unleash the visually slimming effect of caffeine (and carnitine and centella asiatica) when exposed to the sun. It’s a two-in-one. A tan and tone. A sun and slim. It’s so radical, it almost requalifies tanning as constructive. How’s that for seductive?

Seductive? How’s that for a totally unsupportable claim??? No other reputable company is making this kind of claim. Don’t you think the massive research staffs at P&G and L’Oreal would be all over this kind of product if it really worked? Doesn’t it seem just a tad bit suspicious that this relatively obscure salon brand has technology that no one else in the Free World possesses?

From our vantage point there are two possibilities.

1) Bliss has discovered alien technology that allows them to do things the rest of the beauty industry can’t do.

2) They’re making this up.

Not to be judgmental, but our money is on #2. We haven’t seen any peer reviewed scientific studies that reproducibly show that caffeine products have a visible slimming effect. And on top of that, we’ve never heard of solar-activated slimming. Whew! These guys are bold, we’ll give them that much. Unfortunately, we don’t think they’ve got the technology to back up their brashness.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

At a glance, Bliss Spa scares us because the first product we checked out makes claims that appear to be unsupportable. We don’t want to draw conclusions about the entire line based on looking at just one product, but what we’ve seen doesn’t stack up scientifically. But hey, we’re glad to make friends. If the good people at Bliss send us their claim support data we’d be glad to reconsider our comments. (But in the meantime, we suggest you stay away!)