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Are You Really Worth It?

L’Oreal’s tagline is “Because you’re worth it.” Do you feel worth it with this company? Chances are you probably should. According to Chemical and Engineering News, L’Oreal spends nearly a billion dollars per year on the science behind their makeup. They are almost the top-spending beauty research company in the entire world. They have eighteen research centers devoted to three different sections of beauty, and they’re not done spending money.

Their recent project was protecting against extremely harmful UV rays. They decided to use a molecule in their sunscreen that protects against skin cancer, but is unstable when it comes in contact with sunlight. Using their extreme research facilities and opportunities, they were able to stabilize the chemical and use it in a new way in their sunscreen. This is just one example of the quality of research in L’Oreal labs.

Yes, L’Oreal thinks that you are worth it. And that your skin is worth it. And that your hair is worth it. And that your makeup is worth it. So pamper yourself – because you’re definitely worth it.