Does the nose clip narrow nostrils?

Plastic surgery is sweeping the nation. From Heidi Montag’s 10 surgeries in one day to Kanye West’s mother dying on the operating table to your next door neighbor or favorite aunt or old boss or high school classmate getting a facelift and a tummy tuck, it’s inescapable. And as everyone around you is getting more and more plastic/perfect every day, it’s hard not to start to hate your body.

If you aren’t that into laying on the table as someone cuts into your face, try a Nose Up Beauty Clip – according to InventorSpot, they cause little pain but a bit of discomfort. They use pressure to raise and shape your nose, and you can wear them anywhere. In addition, there’s the Nose Up Bridge Straightener, which straightens the bridge of your nose. There’s no telling if it does as much as plastic surgery does – but at only $10 each, what have you got to lose except your awkward-looking nose?