Natural skin remedies

Do natural remedies, like putting sliced cucumbers over your eyes to get rid of puffiness, really work?

According to some natural concoctions really do work while others are not only unsuccessful, but actually potentially harmful. Exercise is one definite natural cure, as is sleep and eating veggies to get vitamins. But there are some less likely ones – lemons, for example, are filled with acids that help with wrinkles and acne. Also, eating foods rich in oil (omega-3) will help your skin. Those old wives’ tales you’ve heard about teabags and cucumbers? Those really are true. Also, anti-oxidants, meaning lots and fruits and vegetables, help with your breakouts.

On the other hand, those all-natural berry blends you read about? They won’t do a thing. In addition, smoking and eating lots of sugar are sure ways to ruin your skin. You may have heard that water will change your skin for the best, and that drinking eight glasses a day will keep the doctor away, but it doesn’t hydrate skin very well. That’s about the moisture level in your epidermis, and the ability it has to retain that moisture.

Don’t be completely cynical, but don’t be completely trusting, either. Once you finish reading this article, sure – head into your backyard, settle those cucumbers over your eyes, and know that they’re working. (At least according to Scientific American.)