What you should know about treating ingrown hairs

Lydia’s got ingrown hair issues…After I wax my legs and hands, there is a relapse of ingrown hair on my waxed skin. It looks terrible and I have tried treating ,but nothing is working out. Does scrubbing help ? Or is there any remedy to cure this skin problem?

The Right Brain recommends an anti-inflammatory:

It sounds like you might have a case of folliculitis, a condition in which your hair follicle becomes inflamed. Waxing can irritate the hair follicle which causes dead cells to build up at the site of the irritation and form small pus containing pockets. This blockage can trap the hair as it tries to grow out of the follicle and poof! you’ve got an ingrown hair. Scrubbing will only make things worse so DON’T! In fact, you need to give your follicles a rest for a while until the inflammation dies down.

While we’ve never tested them, we have heard good things about the Tendskin product and Paula’s Choice Skin Relief. They both use aspirin, an proven anti-inflammatory, to soothe your skin. If you have to remove more hair, shave instead of waxing because that’s less irritating to the follicle. (By the way, you can go here to see our original post on this subject and click through to see some really disturbing pictures of Follicles Gone Wild. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!)