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Beauty Hacks: What are your personal hygiene secrets?

The Left Brain says: I saw this interesting discussion thread about personal hygiene tips and thought it would make a good discussion here. I’m not certain we would recommend not rinsing after brushing your teeth (too much residual SLS) but there are some interesting suggestions. Our faithful forum members have listed some interesting beauty hacks of their own.

Bath and Shower products

In the shower, I use Nizoral shampoo on a foot brush to clean my fungus-prone feet, especially toes and toenails. It’s off label, but it’s antifungal, and can’t hurt. -Sarahf

A moisturizing shampoo works perfectly fine as a body wash.-Left Brain

You can also use cheap conditioner as a shaving cream. (Less razor burn even on sensitive skin.) -Lindygirl1960

Just be careful when using conditioner for shaving. The conditioning ingredients (typically quaternium ammonium salts) can be irritating to skin. Glad it works for you, but this tip may not be for everyone. -Right Brain


I try to keep a clean and dirty stick of deodorant. That way, if I have to use deodorant on a day I haven’t showered, I don’t get nasty bacteria on the clean stick. If I don’t have a “dirty” stick handy, I just take a tissue and clean the stick with rubbing alcohol after using the stick on dirty armpits (just like they do at the beauty counter) -Sarahf

Oral care

I’ve never rinsed after brushing–but I do spit well, and kind of do a once over with the toothbrush after washing it off (I use my clean toothbrush to brush my tongue, so I have to rinse it off anyway)-Sarahf

Eye care

I can make contacts last a long time (2 months) if I make sure to wash them before putting them away for the night. If I don’t wash them they last maybe 2 weeks. -Left Brain

Do you have any beauty product hacks? Leave a comment and share your secrets with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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  • Pilgrim October 25, 2015, 3:34 pm

    hand sanitizers can be drying, but fingernails are the most bacteria populated parts of the hand. i have long strong fingernails (genetics) so i put a drop of sanitizer on each of the inside curve of fingernail. that way i disinfect the dirtiest part of the hand without drying out the skin on hands.

  • jessica November 9, 2015, 3:12 am

    Not sure if this is a beauty hack but it has kept my kids flu free for years now, they use a drop of
    Hand sanitizer and a soft cloth to wipe any germs of there cell phone every day or if they hand it to some one else. so far they haven’t got sick maybe coincidence maybe not