Have You Tried Drugstore Doubles?

Getreadyatgems says (via Twitter #bbloggers)…I like finding cheaper dupes of high end products.

The Right Brain responds:

GRAG, We agree, dupes are a great way to save money! (Remember, if the first five ingredients listed on the back of the package are the same then the products are probably pretty similar.)

Drugstore Doubles

One our favorite resources for finding good dupes is the Cosmetic Cop, Paula Begoun. She has a feature on her site that she calls Drugstore Doubles. She lists expensive products and then gives you a much cheaper product that works the same way.As she describes it: “If you like this Department Store Skin-Care favorite . . . then you’ll love this Drugstore-priced recommendation!” It’s such a good idea that we wish WE would have thought of it first. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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