Does Biotin Give You Beautiful Hair?

Noa needs to know…I’m using a Biotin shampoo that was recommended by a dermatologist, but I’ve read that the Biotin isn’t absorbed by the skin ,so…can this shampoo really benefit my hair?

The Right Brain responds:

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is necessary for healthy hair growth. Studies have shown that lack of Biotin sources in your diet can cause hair loss and skin conditions. However, such deficiencies are rather rare and can be easily corrected with supplements and proper diet. Topically applied Biotin, like the shampoo you mentioned, will not help your hair grow.

Dermatologist recommended

Why then, would a dermatologist recommend a Biotin shampoo? It’s impossible to say for sure without more details from you and your dermatologist and without knowing the ingredients used in the specific Biotin shampoo that was recommended, but as usual, we can make a few educated guesses:

  • You might have told your dermatologist that you were experiencing a lot of hair breakage and asked for a recommendation, he or she could be recommending a specific shampoo because it’s more conditioning and would therefore help alleviate breakage caused by brusng and combing.
  • If you told your doctor you were concerned about scalp irritation, too, then he or she might have recommended a Biotin shampoo that used a milder surfactant blend and just coincidentally contained Biotin.
  • Hopefully this is a false possibility, but your doctor could be misinformed and actually believes topical Biotin will help your hair grow.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

Regardless of the reason, there’s no downside to trying the Biotin shampoo unless it’s too expensive. And you should always take your doctors medical advice seriously. But when the question is about cosmetic ingredients, feel free to get a second opinion from The Beauty Brains!


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