Three Surprising Cases on Unnecessary Wrinkles

AllyE asks…I have a very bad habit of pulling faces and I also bite the inside of my cheeks. Have been doing it for over 10 years now and was wondering if that contributes to the frow and smile lines? I have noticed those are getting pretty prominent especially when I try and bite the really far side inside my cheek and the lips are bunched together and to one side of the face.

The Right Brain responds:

This question has come up in one form or another several times over the last few years. Based on everything we’ve read, it’s the collapse of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin that cause wrinkles, not just surface manipulation. However, there are other expert points of view that indicate how you manipulate your face can cause wrinkles. Case in point: This news article which quotes dermatologist Janice Wu. Dr. Wu talk about three things you may be doing that are causing unnecessary wrinkles.

3 Surprising Causes of Unnecessary Wrinkles

Chewing gum

Apparently the repeated use of gum can cause your jowl muscles to bulk up and cause the skin on your upper lip to wrinkle.

Using a straw

The squeezing of skin that results from puckering can result in permanent wrinkles.

Sleeping on your face

In previous posts we’ve been skeptical of the effect of silk pillow cases on wrinkles. But Dr. Wu suggests sleeping on silk or satin to reduce wrinkle-causing friction.

So there you have it; we’re still not convinced, but if you want to ensure your face stays wrinkle free, you might want to avoid chewing gum while you drink through a straw while you sleep.