Dove Clear Tone Antiperspirant: In the Beauty Brains Bathroom

One of our most popular posts is about the top 5 causes of darkened armpits. It’s amazing how many women have this problem! As we explained in that post, one of the 5 causes is from shaving. Now the research and development team at Unilever’s Dove brand have developed a new antiperspirant that is designed to reduce dark marks under your arms caused by shaving.

How Dove Clear Tone works

Here’s how Dove explains it works: when skin is damaged by shaving the body responds with increased blood flow to the damaged area. Part of this response includes increased production of melanin, the same brownish-red pigment that gives your skin a tan color. This extra melanin is extra responsible for the dark marks in your pits.

By adding extra conditioning agents to the formula, this new Dove product is supposedly able to reduce the effects of shaving irritation and therefore reduce dark marks from forming. This technical explanation was improvised by the Public Relations firm for Dove and was very helpful. However, we haven’t seen any reference to test data showing how well the product really works.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

Theoretically, this product can reduce dark marks caused by shaving. It also feels nice, smells great, and it’s not expensive.So, if you have a problem with dark armpits and you suspect shaving is the cause, you don’t have much to lose by giving this product try.

Even though the Beauty Brains don’t do traditional reviews, from time to time we like to share new products that we’re trying. We want you to know that we received free samples in exchange for a mention on our blog and that we’re not necessarily recommending you buy anything. We’re just sharing new product news; please do your own research before you buy.