Toxic mayhem in makeup Episode 02

A recent article published on the Huffington Post by Amy Ziff claimed that makeup contaminated with lead is one of the “scariest things kids may encounter this Halloween” and could lead to “toxic mayhem.”

In this week’s show we discuss the inaccuracies presented in this article along with documented references where the correct information can be found.

Show notes

Here is the list of the points we covered in today’s Showgram. Click here for a transcript of the discussion which includes links to all the references.

1. “Because of the fact that the cosmetics industry is not regulated by the FDA, there are no laws based on levels that are safe for makeup.”

2. “Lead is banned from makeup in both Canada and Europe but it’s allowed AT ANY LEVEL in makeup in the U.S.”

3. “…there are numerous other paths of exposure [to lead] and makeup is a critical one.”

4. “Since we absorb as much as 80 percent of what goes on our skin, the precautionary principal tells us it’s not smart to coat ourselves with things containing lead.”

5. “Lead in lipstick has been a known issue for years and the FDA continues to do periodic tests which only show more lead in lipstick…”
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