Should lash extensions be allowed in mascara commercials?

Here’s an article that reports the National Advertising Division (NAD) has ruled against Procter & Gamble’s Cover girl brand for unfairly using lash extensions in a mascara ad. The NAD noted that P&G did appropriately disclaim the use of the lash extensions with an asterisk at the bottom of the ad, however they still considered the practice to be potentially misleading to consumers.

It’s one thing to try to make a model look her best in advertising photography. When we used to do commercial shoots for haircare products it was very common to style the model’s hair before taking the final pictures. So, if in this case they had just used an eyelash curler or some similar “styling” step it would’ve been fine. But adding lash enhancers seems like putting a wig on a woman and then photographing her for a shampoo ad. Or giving a guy a new set of dentures and featuring his mouth in a teeth whitening ad. We don’t know about you but to us this seems like blatant deception. The sad thing is that Big Beauty companies will continue with this practice unless you, the consumer, vote with your wallet.

What do you think? Would you be willing to stop buying one of your favorite brands to send them a message? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.