Why do I shed more hairs when I shampoo?

LindyGirl asks…I wash my hair on a daily basis. I only use shampoo every third day. All other days I wash with a no silicone conditioner. I have noticed that on days when I use shampoo I seem to shed a lot more. My hairdresser says he is stumped. Any ideas?

The Beauty Brains respond

LG’s question comes to as through our recently revamped Forum which crashed along with the rest of the website a few weeks ago. We asked a few of our loyal fans to “test drive” the Forum by posting a question. As luck would have it,  after Lindy and a few others asked their questions, the data base became corrupted before we could answer them. Hence today’s blog post. Who would have thought that restoring the Beauty Brains site would be such a pain!

By the way if you want to help, join our Forum now and ask your own questions. (I swear, it really works this time.)  And now on to Lindy’s answer…

Theoretically this pattern of hair loss makes sense. Everyday you have loose hairs (the ones that have stopped growing and are being pushed out by new hairs.) When you “wash” with conditioner those loose hairs are sliding around because the conditioner is more lubricious. When, after a couple of days of that slipperiness, you wash with shampoo those loose hairs are exposed to more friction because shampoo is much less conditioning. The friction pulls out the loose hairs and voila – it seems like you shed more on shampoo days.

Has anyone else out there noticed this problem? Leave a comment and share your experience with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.