Valentine’s day science experiments for kids

Instead of candy or flowers our Valentine’s Day gift to you is this list of Valentine-themed science experiments…

One of the Beauty Brains’ basic goals is to make science fun and interesting, especially to our younger readers. So here’s a fun website that features science ideas for preschoolers.

They posted a very cute article about Valentines Day science experiments that was just so precious, we couldn’t resist sharing with the rest of our community. Scroll down to see our five favorite ideas, then follow the link to read the rest of their list.

1. Seeking scents

Get two boxes of candles that smell very different. Blindfold the kids and have them match the candles by their scent.

2. Coloring carnations

Show the kids how to put white carnations in a cup of water with red food coloring. In a few days the carnations will absorb the dye and turn red.

3. The squirting heart

Demonstrate how hearts work by filling a clear balloon with red colored water. Then stick a straw in the balloon and squeeze. The water pumps out just like blood squirting from an artery.

4. Candy box quiz

Use an old Valentine chocolates box (the kind with individual compartments) to create a matching game. In each compartment of the box glue a number. Then make small heart shapes with a corresponding number or dots on the paper.

5. From the heart

Give the kids a pack of candy valentine hearts (the kind with sayings on them) and ask them to graph different things with the hearts like colors, flavors, and messages.


Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day experiments to share with the Beauty Brains community? Leave a comment!