Why is the FDA banning silicones in hair and skin care products?

Did you see the news story last month about the Meth Lab guy who was busted while wearing a Breaking Bad shirt? As funny as that is, it turns out that methamphetamine production has a not so amusing consequence for consumers of beauty products.

Why is the FDA is “Breaking Bad” on silicones?

According to an FDA press release, the criminal chemists who run Meth labs are increasingly using silicones, especially dimethicone, as a source material for methamphetamine. In the past the FDA has limited access to other source materials, like the over-the-counter decongestant pseudoephedrine, but now the savvy sinister scientists of the drug world have figured out how to extract the components they need from common hair and skin care products.

Dimethicone is frequently used in beauty products because it’s an excellent skin protectant and provides slip and shine for hair. In fact, it’s unusual to find a high quality skin moisturizer or hair conditioner that does NOT include some form of silicone so the loss of this ingredient is expected to significantly impact consumers.

According to the FDA the silicone ban will take effect “as soon as it can be phased in” which does not give cosmetic product manufacturers much time to find suitable replacements.

You can click here to read the details from the FDA’s press release as well as the Personal Care Product Council’s response.