Sara Sara Foot Finger Cream – Look at the label

Deonatulle for WOMEN Medicated SARA SARA Cream for ASHI-YUBI ( Foot fingers) is another best selling Japanese product on Amazon. Let’s look at the label. 

This is an interesting product provided that a) you have stinky feet and b) you don’t want to use traditional foot deodorizing products. The reason that it’s interesting is that it doesn’t use a classic antibacterial agent such as triclosan to reduce odor causing bacteria. Rather is uses a combination of a natural deodorizing stone and isopropyl methyl phenol.  It’s also in a cream form which is unusual for a deodorant product these days.

By the way, for the members of our audience who are plagued with sweaty feet, you can also use antiperspirant to reduce foot sweat. Now, if I could only figure out what “foot fingers” mean.


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