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Alboleen Warm Cream – vintage cosmetic video

Having worked with a number of advertising agencies over the years I can tell you that they SALIVATE over the possibility of a side by side demonstration. And if that demo can be done against a competitive product they’ll pretty much wet themselves right in the meeting. (This is not to suggest that all ad execs are incontinent.)

This Alboleen Warm Cream commercial is a great example of a “half face test” which conveys the product’s two main benefits: it melts into your skin and removes eye makeup better than regular cold cream.

How does it accomplish this melting magic? Alboleen is a petrolatum and mineral oil mixture and, unlike traditional cold creams, it doesn’t contain any fatty alcohols which give a creamy white texture. That formula is also an excellent solvent for greasy makeup.

Now if only it could remove the permanent marker in the middle of the model’s face.

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  • Eileen July 5, 2014, 10:26 am

    When I was much, much younger 😉 I used to be quite active in little theatre and school productions. We always had tubs of Aboleen in the dressing room because it was just about the only thing that completely removed grease paint. I’m sure that it’s still a backstage staple today.