Alboleen Warm Cream – vintage cosmetic video

Having worked with a number of advertising agencies over the years I can tell you that they SALIVATE over the possibility of a side by side demonstration. And if that demo can be done against a competitive product they’ll pretty much wet themselves right in the meeting. (This is not to suggest that all ad execs are incontinent.)

This Alboleen Warm Cream commercial is a great example of a “half face test” which conveys the product’s two main benefits: it melts into your skin and removes eye makeup better than regular cold cream.

How does it accomplish this melting magic? Alboleen is a petrolatum and mineral oil mixture and, unlike traditional cold creams, it doesn’t contain any fatty alcohols which give a creamy white texture. That formula is also an excellent solvent for greasy makeup.

Now if only it could remove the permanent marker in the middle of the model’s face.