What is this guy doing in the shower? Vintage cosmetic video

A man enters a shower with a bar of soap telling himself “Ok fella, go to it.” James Bondish theme song music, which identifies the time period as the mid-60’s, plays in the background as we see close up shots of him soaping himself. At the end of the shower he tells us with a sigh of satisfaction that the shampoo lather makes “Old Number 1 feel fresh all day.”

I DO NOT want to know which body part he has nicknamed “Old Number 1!”

Of course we do have some beauty science to go along with all the sexual innuendo. Zest was one of the early synthetic detergent bars (or SynDet for short) and originally it used an antimicrobial ingredient called Triclosan to kill the bacteria that causes body odor. Today the product is zestfully free of Triclosan due to safety concerns. The cleansing action and the zingy fragrance provides whatever deodorancy the product offers.