White Rain Shampoo – Vintage cosmetic video

“Nice shot,” says the Golf Pro to the Sunshine Bright Blonde.  “And take a look at the beautiful hair!”

Sure, it’s an awkward come on line but she doesn’t seem to mind. It took him until the 8th hole to get up the courage for even that lame overature. She laughs and agrees to let him buy her a drink. By the end of the commercial they’ve polished off  three Mai Tai’s and she sends him off for another round. After all, this is Golf Day and she’s not nearly ready to go home yet.

The beauty science bit is that apparently the White Rain of the 1950s was not a cream, a dulling bar or a drying liquid. Rather it was a “lotion shampoo.” What the heck is a lotion shampoo? Since this was before two-in-one shampoo technology was invented I assume that they added an opacifying agent to the shampoo which gives it that rich, pearly look.

It’s also interesting to consider the claim “The only shampoo guaranteed not to dull or dry your hair.” How could they prove that White Rain was the ONLY shampoo that wouldn’t dull hair? They didn’t have to prove that – if you read the claim carefully you’ll realize they’re simply claiming to be the only brand that makes that guarantee. Presumably, if some other company had started making the same promise, this White Rain commercial would have been null and void.