Labor Day and cosmetic chemists

In honor of Labor Day we’re re-running one of our holiday posts for our American (and Canadian) readers.

As you may recall, Labor Day originated in 1882 as “a day off for the working citizens.” But have you ever stopped to think how many “working scientists” are involved in making the brand name cosmetics you use every day? From Almay and American Crew, to the Body Shop and Burts Bees, to Clinique and Clearasil, to Dove and Dr. Scholls, there are thousands of chemists, biologists, and engineers who work behind the scenes to make the makeup and other products you use daily. Here are some examples:

Cosmetic Scientists…

  • Formulators who mix and match chemicals to develop new products.
  • Chemists who create the raw materials.
  • Technical representatives for the companies who sell chemicals.
  • Compounders who actually batch the chemicals and finished products.
  • Safety and regulatory scientists who ensure products are legally compliant. (No one want to go to jail over a bad bottle of Shu Uemura!)
  • Fragrance chemists and perfumers who make all those great celebrity fragrances. Where would be we without Shania Twain’s Starlight scent?
  • The claims testing professionals who make sure that Pantene is really good for your hair.

…making cosmetic products

These are just some of the scientists laboring behind the scenes to make the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mousse, body wash, acne scrub, gel, foot spray, diaper rash cream, nail polish, eye makeup remover, toothpaste, deodorant, hair color, sunscreen, bar soap, hand lotion, bubble bath, breath spray, shaving cream, mascara, blush, facial wash, sunless tanner, lipgloss, foundation, eye shadow, moisturizer, and baby powder that you all know and love. We hope you appreciate us as much as the Beauty Brains appreciate you!