Are keratin hair straightening products safe?

Moxie must know…Brazilian Blowouts were found to release formaldehyde. Are the Keratin-based hair-straightening products that I see stylists in salons doing that much safer on hair/environment?

The Beauty Brains respondbesil_13_by_vertebra_p-d4zc1i3
The safety concerns regarding high levels formaldehyde in hair straightening prdoducts has been well documented and inhaling large quantities of formaledhyde gas is a legitimate health concern. (See this reference.) Some of the Brazilian Blowout type products contained as much as 10% formaldehyde which far exceeds the safe limits. (Remember, the dose makes the poison!)

The Keratin straightening products you refer to use an entirely different chemistry and guess what – they don’t really use keratin to straighten hair! Read our previous post on how temporary hair straighteners work.) These products do physically disrupt the structure of hair so there is some of degree of damage. (Much less than relaxing but more than simply combing and brushing.) However, these products do NOT raise the same health/environmental concerns as products with high levels of formaldehyde.