Depilatory or bleach – which is better for hair removal?

Vick asks…Bleach or depilatory – which lasts longer or is less toxic for facial hair?

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Vick, I’m not sure what you mean when you say “less toxic” for hair. If you mean “toxic” in the sense of “poisonous” then you don’t need to worry about it because neither product will be poisonous when properly applied to skin. (Just don’t try drinking either one!) If you mean “toxic” in the sense of damaging to hair, remember that products designed to remove hair are SUPPOSED to destroy the hair, that’s how they work.

Of the two, bleach is less aggressive but it also is not as effective in removing hair. At best you’ll get partial hair removal and therefore you’ll notice the facial hair sooner. In other words, it won’t seem to last as long. Bleach is really best if you just want to take some of the color out of unwanted hair so it’s less visible.

If you actually want to remove hair then depilatories are the way to go. They are are very effective at destroying hair so the effect last longer. However, some people find them irritating.