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The Beauty Brains Giant-sized 100th anniversary episode

Our 100th podcast is now available!

Introducing our guest announcerPerry's nose

If you’re a regular listener of our show you noticed a different voice on the introduction. That’s one of our fans, Master Barber Williams. He was featured in a question on an earlier show and so we asked him to record the intro to our Giant Sized 100 Anniversary Episode and he did. He works for M&M Products and can be reached through the website www.mmproducts.com.

Why this is a giant sized episode

I just used the term “giant sized one hundredth anniversary episode” let me explain why I chose that language. That’s actually a term that will be familiar to comic book fans because when a comic reaches its 100th issue they generally do something special. Some comics create a special storyline (for example in the 100th issue of Spiderman he grew six arms so he actually looked more like a human spider) other books take a more retrospective and recap some highlights from the series. That’s the approach were taking here today.

Having said that, I will tease you with one brand new piece of information that will be on the show today. Perry is going to recount the never before told story of how he cut his nose off with a chainsaw. So I dare you to stop listening before we get to that.

The secret origin of the Beauty Brains

Let’s start by retelling of our origin story. Here’s a clip from the first time we ever discussed our secret origin way back in episode 9 which aired back in December 2013.

Next we replayed answers to some of our favorite questions

  • What are the Kligman questions?
  • Are ceramides good anti-aging ingredients?
  • What’s the best kind of retinol for your skin?
  • Does Facial yoga get rid of wrinkles?
  • Can coffee cure cellulite?
  • Why do you have to wait for sunscreen to work?
  • Does exfoliating make you run out of skin?
  • Are cosmetics really unregulated?
  • How was sunless tanning discovered?

We also had fun listening to some of our less serious moments

  • “Perry does voices” from Episode 30 and ”Perry’s annoying voice” from Episode 34
  • “Perry is a class project” from Episode 23.
  • The untold story of how Perry cut off his nose with a chainsaw!
  • “Perry looks like a hobo” from Episode 89
  • “Perry washes clothes in the shower” from Episode 96
  • “Toxic Mayhem” and “Poison Flag” from Episodes 2 and 13.
    The Beauty Brains song from Episode 44.
  • “Randy’s bleeped out rant” from Episode 63
  • “When cohosts fight” from Episode 4

A game of Chance

We’ve played a total of 33 games of BSBS and improbable products total. Of those games, Chance played along in 24 of them. So I looked at Perry’s # of wins out of 33 (whether he played alone or with chance) and Chances # of wins out of 24 and then calculated %’s for both. If just randomly guessed the answer then you should score about 33%, that’s chances theatrical score. Here are the actual numbers:

Chance won 46% of her games.
Perry won 21% of his games.

Would you like to play the game with Perry?
Are any listeners out there willing to play the game with Perry? I think we can do this as a Skype call or with Google+ Just email us at thebeautybrains@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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iTunes reviews

You can also support us by writing a review on iTunes. If you do, we’ll give you a shout out on the show. Here are a few of the latest ones.

  • Just_Challenge from Russia says…Lots of useful information and well structured talks. Just love it!!! Recommend to everyone who is not indifferent to her beauty and health!
  • TTT says…This show is! both funny and educational …I like how the hosts approach the smoke and mirrors beauty industry without bias…they deliver simple answers about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Sam says… Funny and informative especially for someone who works at a beauty store, does makeup, and also going to school for cosmetic chemistry!
  • Tamiko says…Tuesday, is my favorite day. You want to know why? Because I wake up knowing there will be a new podcast. Randy/Perry, you two make my world brighter, thank you for all your knowledge shared!
  • The Brainy Beauty says…I’d been a huge fan back in the day. But years passed, and I never stayed updated with The Beauty Brains. Today, I wanted to listen to some podcasts regarding the brain and a quick google search reconnected me to this lovely dynamic duo! We’re Reunited and it feels so good!

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  • Improbable Products September 15, 2015, 7:52 pm

    I would love to join in in your awesome game!

  • Halfpint Pete September 16, 2015, 4:14 pm

    Great show , really funny moments, thanks so much for all the effort and creativity, fun and science. You are all stars! Here’s to the next 100 . Cheers!

  • stacy September 17, 2015, 9:17 am

    I wish there was a written summary for those people who can’t listen to the podcast.

    • Randy Schueller September 17, 2015, 10:50 am

      Hi Stacy. We do try to provide a written summary but sometimes it’s tough to type up EVERYTHING that’s said during the show. (Especially in a clip show like this week’s.)

  • Kelli September 17, 2015, 9:32 pm

    Great show guys!! Lots of great information about cosmetic ingredients as always and given with a good dose of humor as a bonus!! Love it!
    Perry, I am so glad you still have your nose and also, I don’t think you have an annoying voice. It sounded just fine when I listened to the show.

  • Pilgrim September 28, 2015, 2:22 pm

    i thought chainsaw picture was George W. Bush. would be plausible.
    GWB likes to work on his ranch using heavy equipment like chainsaws.

    i did not look into how Perry got the chainsaw slash because the thought and what else could have happened is scary. i bet he has sinus and pressure problems to this day. poor guy!