Cosmetic brands and big companies – Who owns that – episode 191

On this episode of the Beauty Brains we answer a number of beauty product questions and talk about big companies and the brands they own.

Beauty Questions

  1. What is the big deal about squalane
  2. Does the number of ingredients in a product impact its effectiveness?
  3. Are dip nails safe?
  4. And how do anti-dandruff shampoos work?

Beauty News

Rhode Island offers free sunscreen

The International Top 30 Household and Personal Products Companies

Recall Roundup – We check the FDA website so you don’t have to

Neutrogena light therapy mask recalled

See the FDA Recall site for youself

Beauty Questions

Gillian – What’s the deal with squalane oil? What’s the difference between squalane oil and squalene oil, and how do they compare to other oils like rosehip oil? She’s seen claims that squalane is considered the best oil for all skin types? Is that really true? It is more shelf-stable and less likely to go rancid because it is a saturated oil versus rosehip oil being polyunsaturated. Excellent hydrator, anti-oxidant, oil controller and anti-bacterial that also sinks into skin better than other oils. What can a $38 oil (Peter Thomas Roth) do that a $8 cannot (Ordinary)?

Ceyda asks – Does a product’s, say moisturizer or serum, number of ingredients matter for its effectiveness?

Ana from Instagram says, “I am enjoying your podcast and have heard you talking about the efficacy of different nail polishes, but am concerned about the safety of gel nail polish and SNS – which some people call ‘dip’ nail polish. I am concerned about what it will do to my nails with continuous use. Do nails need to ‘breathe?’ I appreciate any feedback.”

Doug Schoon’s letter

Rebecca – Anti-dandruff shampoos – how do anti-dandruff shampoos work? do you have to use them multiple times a week in order for them to be effective?

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