Monistat for hair growth – does it work? episode 193

On this episode of the Beauty Brains we answer a number of beauty product questions and talk about big companies and the brands they own.

Beauty Questions On today’s episode we answer your questions about  

  • Yeast infection medicine to treat hair loss 
  • Is an organic facial mask worth buying?
  • What’s with mineral oil, is it bad, good or indifferent?

Beauty News

Walmart Launches New Range of Clean Beauty Products – Has the Clean Beauty trend jumped the shark?

A win for the little guy?  – Olaplex wins lawsuit against L’Oreal

Recall Roundup – We check the FDA website so you don’t have to

Weleda, a natural skincare company founded in 1921, recalls a product that’s produced in two sizes and is part of one kit because specific ingredients do not appear in the ingredient list of the labels for the products. The product is Weleda Comforting Baby Oil, 6.8 fl. oz., the travel size 0.34 fl. oz., and Baby Starter Kit. FDA has no authority under the FD&C Act to order a recall of a cosmetic, although it can request that a firm recall a product. Once the brand makes the decision to recall the product, the FDA oversees the progress of the recall and ensures destroyal of the product.

See the FDA Recall site for youself

Beauty Questions

Question 1 – Grace says – I normally only buy Paula’s choice products but got a facial as a treat recently and was talked into this product by the esthetician. (Product is Eminence Organic Skin care Masque) Are there any redeeming qualities in this product or could it potentially be hurting my skin because of the essential oils? I have seen no irritation, I’ve been using it once a week just on blind faith. I realize products in jars are unstable, so I keep it in its box when I’m not using it.

Question 2 – Will Monistat on your scalp make your hair grow?

Question 3 – Sydney asks…What’s the deal with Mineral Oil?

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