More on clean beauty, supplements, baking soda and mineral oil – episode 195

On this episode of the Beauty Brains we answer a number of beauty product questions and talk about big companies and the brands they own.

Beauty Questions On today’s episode we answer your questions about  

  • Color cosmetics for protection from the sun?
  • Is it ok to apply baking soda to your skin?
  • What’s up with mineral oil in other fillers in cosmetics?
  • Do beauty supplements really help improve your looks?

Beauty News

Clean beauty is not safer

Small cosmetic companies vs big companies

Beauty Questions

Question 1 – If I put sunscreen BB cream with sun protection, then some powder with sunscreen too, is that enough? Or should I put sunscreen on the face before hand? Does it make sense to buy BB creams or foundations with SPF?

Question 2 – Hi Beauty Brains!  I am Elli from Germany and I like to listen to your podcast!  I’ve been using the Greendoor cream deodorant for several months now. I am very convinced of it, because I have no armpit odour at all since then. If I understood it correctly, the effect is that the ingredient baking soda increases the pH of the skin so that no odour-producing bacteria can grow. So it doesn’t work against sweating, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I am very satisfied with the product. 

Now I have heard in the episode 177 from Perry that it is not good to apply baking soda to the skin. Can you elaborate on that? Should I stop using this deodorant cream?

Question 3 – Hi Perry & Valerie! This is Sydney, I’m from Florida. I was wondering if it’s just a filler that does nothing, if it is bad for the skin, or if there are any benefits to it at all. I’ve read a lot of mixed things online and I can’t tell if it’s good, bad, or just kind of done nothing and is a filler. 

Question 4 – Hello, I am an avid listener of your podcast and wanted to update you on beauty supplement news. To my surprise, Paula’s Choice now sells them. In my opinion, Paula’s Choice has reached an all new low as supplements do absolutely nothing except deplete your wallet.

Thanks for letting me vent. Jennifer


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