Fragrance free hair care and No-BS skincare – episode 200

The Beauty Brains answer questions about…

  • Why can’t I find more fragrance-free hair products?
  • Living Proof hair care (is the price worth it?)
  • What’s the deal with No-BS Skincare
  • Can magnesium be used for cleaning?

Beauty News

Skin care in the dairy aisle – will probiotics help strengthen skin and hair? There isn’t a lot of evidence to say it will.

Tom’s launches toothpaste tube that’s recyclable – will the other brands owned by Colgate follow suit?

Social media

On this Instagram post we debated the idea that parabens are perfectly safe for cosmetics. There is ample evidence they are safe and not much evidence that they are unsafe. What do you think?

Beauty Questions

Question 1: Karyn – I have allergies to fragrance and I can’t find a good shampoo or conditioner that works well but doesn’t have fragrance. What are your thoughts on this?

Question 2: Hello Perry and Valerie (The Beauty Brains!).  I really enjoy your podcast – thank you for all you do to keep me and all of your listeners informed. I was wondering whether you could do a review of the hair care brand Living Proof. I currently use their color care line, and I like it, but all of their products are so pricey. Do any of their claims justify the expense? They are now owned by Unilever and I’m wondering whether there is a less expense Unilever option (or any other brand) you could compare Living Proof products. To add to the above, can you comment on whether colored or highlighted hair needs special products at all? Thanks again! Thäis.

Question 3: Carissa says – there is a new line of beauty products, called No B.S. Skin Care, and I was wondering what your take on it was.  They claim to only use ingredients that work, and that are not harmful. It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on these products, and a podcast on it would really make my day!  😉 Thanks for your time and consideration! Have a great day!

Question 4: Jas asks, There’s a new detergent replacement in the market from japan called Terra Wash Mg. It’s magnesium enclosed in a package and supposedly can be used for 365 washes. I wonder if it’s true and effective? Would appreciate your thoughts.

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