Is Paw Paw ointment different than Vaseline? Episode 198

On today’s episode we answer your questions about  

  • Is Lucas’s Paw Paw ointment different than vaseline?
  • What does the term cosmeceutical mean? Are the products different?
  • Does nail polish help your nails to grow better?
  • Are copper peptides an effective anti-aging ingredient?
  • Shakaki DIY recipe for hair. Does it have any effect on hair? And is it safe?

Correction: We do want to make a correction on Episode 195, where we were discussing the methodology that is used in the United States to measure sunscreen efficacy. It was stated 2g/cm2 of sunscreen application are needed, that was a mistake. It’s 2mg/cm2. 

Beauty News

Are anti-aging products going to become illegal? – Two court cases may signal the end of anti-aging claims in the beauty industry.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey: 7 Easy Hacks That Actually Work

These mostly won’t work but here’s what they claim…

  1. Reduce swelling with a cold spoon.
  2. Speed up the healing process with aloe vera.  
  3. Soothe your skin with a banana peel.
  4. Promote circulation with a warm compress.
  5. Apply a vitamin C cream.
  6. Eat vitamin K-rich foods.
  7. Promote blood circulation with a toothbrush.

Beauty Questions

Question 1: Sarah asks about Lucas’s paw paw ointment.  It seems like a petroleum jelly product. Is there any research that says paw paw does something that petroleum jelly doesn’t?

Yes, it’s mostly vaseline.

Question 2: What does the term Cosmeceutical mean? Is it just marketing? What is the difference between cosmeceuticals and standard products?

Mostly, just marketing. Here’s what the FDA says about cosmeceuticals.

Question 3: Does keeping nail polish on your nails help them to grow? I’ve heard that nail polish keeps the moisture locked in on your nail bed, helping nails grow faster, longer. Also do the gel nail polish that helps to strengthen and fortify your nails actually work?

Nail polish is good for coloring your nails, not making them grow.

Question 4: Charlotte says – Are copper peptides an effective anti-aging ingredient?  Should I include it in my skin care regimen? Copper peptides uglies? Can they have the opposite effect making skin appear more aged?

There is some evidence copper peptides can improve the appearance of skin but not much better than a well formulated moisturizer.

Question 5: Misty – Shakaki DIY recipe for hair. Does it have any effect on hair? And is it safe?

Safe, but doesn’t do much good.

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