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Do bond builders for hair really work? Episode 216

The Beauty Brains episode 216 featuring cosmetic chemists Valerie George and Perry Romanowski. 

Beauty questions covered today include: 

  • How do bond builders work? 
  • Is sodium coco sulfate more gentle than SLS?
  • Does men’s antiperspirant better than women’s?

Beauty Science

Avon launches a new CBD skin care line.

R+Co just launched a CBD

Beauty Questions

Question 1 – Sarah says – We used to carry system professional. The liquid treatment we sell. It is supposed to go in and place lipids in between protein links in hair. Does it have an advantage for hair?  How about Olaplex & Wellaplex? Do they help with the bond structure in hair?

Question 2 – Stephanie says – I’ve often read that Sodium Coco Sulfate is a gentler alternative to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate because it is derived from coconuts. I’m rather skeptical of this claim, since Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is also derived from coconut. I did some digging (a LOT of digging, there’s almost no unbiased information on sodium coco sulfate), and I found that the two also have the same CAS number of 151-21-3. I’m no chemist, but I’ve always understood that if the CAS number is the same, the chemical is the same.

Why are the cosmetic companies lying and trying to mislead us with sodium coco sulfate? Is it because of the bad rap that SLS has? Or am I missing something here about sodium coco sulfate?

Question 3 –  Sagebrush says – Does men’s deodorant work better than women’s?  Some of my friends think it does.

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