Victoria Beckham skin, Kiehls, anti-aging products and the oldest beauty brands – episode 217

On today’s show we’re going to be answering questions about…

  • Does Kiehls eye alert product help eyes look better?
  • What is the best product to use to avoid breakouts with anti-aging benefits?
  • What do you think of the technology of the new Victoria Beckham line?
  • What is the oldest beauty product on the market today?

Beauty Science

Fekkai launches new beauty technology to customize hair care

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Beauty Questions

Question 1 – Audio Question – Frank O – This is about Kiehl’s Eye Alert product, which uses cucumber and alfalfa to energize the skin in eye area and vitamin E and caffeine to combat dark circles and puffiness. Do these do anything?

Question 2 – Norma Jean asks, “Can you tell me what you think of the following two products’ ingredients and which you’d recommend for sensitive skin that is avoiding breakouts and wants anti-aging? I love your podcast!

Question 3 – Audio – What do you think of the new Victoria Beckham and Augustinus Bader collaboration? Trisha – Victoria Beckam – TFC8 technology claims to create an optimal environment for the skin’s repair. It has a high price tag and is there evidence that it works?

Question 4Dear Beauty Brains, I love the show! I am currently reading War Paint about Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden. Apparently [they’re] the creators of fear mongering in cosmetic advertising. It’s got me wondering what are some of the oldest skincare products in their original formulas still in the market? Thanks for the info. Rhonda from California.

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