Amino acids in hair plus other beauty questions answered – episode 221

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On today’s show we’re going to be answering questions about…

  • Is blow drying at low heat better for your hair than air drying?
  • How important are amino acids in hair care products?
  • How do you go about studying cosmetic science?

Beauty science news:

Breaking news – J&J discontinues selling talc based baby powder!


Do you know any of these influencers?

SCCS publishes trio of final safety opinions on hair dye, anti-perspirant and anti-dandruff ingredients

Who is the SCCS – Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety.  It’s important to note that this group the SCCS is not funded by industry and the scientists do not work for industry. It’s also important to note that these levels of ingredients are not different than what the US allows.  More evidence that cosmetic products in the US are not less safe than those in the EU and that cosmetic products are safe to use.

Beauty Questions

Question 1 Renee – The scientist at ghd says that blow drying at low heat and speed is actually better for hair than air drying. Is this true? 

Link to product

Good question. I doubt a consumer would notice much difference.

Question 2 – Wageeda says – I have been wondering about amino acids in hair products!. I noticed amino acid used recently a lot . But is it effective?is it better to as hydrolyzed such as hydrolyzed wheat protein or as a separate amino acid such as Glutamic Acid, Histidine, Serine,  Arginine, Lysine .  Lastly, what’s the difference between amino acids  in relation to hair and what is the best one for damaged hair in leave in and masks conditioners?

Question 3 – Audio – Cyndi – Totally enamored by the chemistry behind our cosmetic products. Pro makeup artist, 53 years young. I don’t have a degree. I want to begin a college career, and eventually become a professor of cosmetic science.  Should I minor in business and marketing? If I can only choose one, which should I minor in as a future professor?

It really all comes down to what you want your career to be. If you want to become a future professor, you will have to at least get a degree related to the topic you want to teach. So, if you want to become a professor of cosmetic science, you’re going to have to get a degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Then you would likely need a Masters in the subject since undergrad degrees don’t teach much about cosmetic science. Getting a minor in Marketing would probably help more than in Business.

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