I am trying plain argan oil as a facial moisturiser? Can I apply sunscreen on top of it?
  • Another oil question :D

    I wasn't sure if the argan oil would affect the sunscreen in some way. Also, does it make a difference whether it's physical or chemical sunscreen?

    Thanks for reading!
  • Many plant seed oils have a low SPF value of their own. (Olive oil is about 7, for example, and sesame seed oil is about 1.) I couldn't find any data specifically on argan oil but my guess is that it could be in this same range. 

    If you're applying the oil first, let it soak into your skin before applying sunscreen and you should be fine. It might even given you a tiny boost in SPF. 

    Here's a study where they measured SPF of natural oils: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3140123/ 
  • I'm coming late to this site again, but thank you very much-really detailed info :)
  • You're welcome! 

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