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Nu Skin Anti-Aging Products - Are they worth the price?

edited February 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains

Hey Beauty Brains!

I went to a Nu Skin party tonight (kind of like a Mary Kay meets Tupperware party) and they had some very expensive anti-aging skincare products, vitamins and a galvanic facial spa treatment (which was a hand held electronic device with a metal plate that would send galvanic waves into the skin that was used with a gel to act as a conductor for the galvanic currents). They had a skin care package called ageLOC and I wanted to see what you thought of their products and if you saw potential? I tried to read the ingredients but it was far beyond my expertise! Below are the 5 products that come in the package. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say and thank you! :D

Future Serum

Tru Face Essence Ultra

Gentle Cleanse & Tone

Radiant Day SPF 22

Transforming Night


  • The galvanic spa has been studied by non-biased sources and found to be no better than a temporarily tighter look and feel (sort of like a massage, and your hands are free). The rest of the products appear to be fairly similar to pretty much every other anti-aging product on the market. Which means they might make the skin look nicer right away because you've cleansed and moisturized and they might have some nice light diffusers but none of this is a truly long term effective anti-aging treatment. If you want real results your money is better spent on products containing Retinol or Hydroxy acids. Additionally the radiant day cream contains only chemical UV-blocks, which are not as protective or gentle as physical blocks.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks so much Brainybimbo!
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