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Does toothpaste help with pimples?

edited March 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Or is it just an old wives tale? I've heard this advice many times but I have no idea whether it works.


  • Can I edit the title?
  • edited March 2014
    I fixed it for you.

    Believe or not, HuffPo of all places, has already debunked this. (They usually spread more myths than they bust!) 

    Basically they talked to a dermatologist who said that toothpaste will dry out skin (which sort of helps with the zit) but that it also irritates the skin so you shouldn't use it. Here's the link: 
  • Thank you! But what worries me in the article is they say that scrubbing with baking soda can help with breakouts but in my experience it is the opposite. Actually any kind of scrub makes any kind of skin irritation worse or it might be just that my skin is very sensitive.
  • Agreed that scrubbing is not good. Also, baking soda has high pH which can lengthen the recovery time of the skin's acid mantle. You should use cleansers/scrubs that have a slightly acidic pH. 
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