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Shower Poufs

I believe I read somewhere that shower poufs were too rough to use on one's face. That made little sense to me because although facial skin may be more delicate than say arm skin, it could not be so much more delicate that using a shower pouf on your face would irritate the face let alone causing permanent damage thereto whereas it would be perfectly safe to use it on your arms. I concluded the caution about use of the pouf on the face was an old wives' tale when I discovered that women actually had their faces sand blasted. OK not blasted and not with sand but certainly with micro-grit of some sort under air pressure-----I believe the process is called microdermabrasion for "deep cleaning" of skin pores and artificial exfoliation. (It is artificial because the skin naturally and brilliantly exfoliates without any external help: desquamation.)

So I have used myself as a guinea pig, scrubbing the pouf on my forehead and cheeks soaked in generic hand soap with aloe vera (unfortunately) @ four bucks per gallon of fluid. And shockingly my facial complexion appears younger, firmer, radiant, luminescent, and toned.

My question in short is that if the skin on my face can rebound from sand blasting and worse still chemical peels, how would my shower pouf irritate it even more still?
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