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edited December 2013 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage (short term and/or long term) to applying skincare or make up products that contain cyclopentasiloxane. Thanks


  • Short term, for sure. Cyclopentasiloxane is volatile, which means it evaporates. It helps spread other ingredients (usually heavier silicones) on the skin so it works great while you're putting the product on. But then it just disappears! 
  • Would cyclopentasiloxane be useful  in hair conditioners or styling products? If so how?
  • Yes, this is a key ingredient in hair conditioning products for two reasons: 
    1. It provides some short term lubricity and slip, until it evaporates from hair. 
    2. It allows heavier silicones to be used which provide more robust conditioning. (The CPS acts as a carrier for other silicones, then it evaporates to it doesn't leave a residue.)
  • Would it ever e used alone or always with a heavier cone?  How long before evaporation?  If it evaporated ,     assuming no build up
  • I don't think I've ever seen it used alone. 
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