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Coconut Oil - Solid vs Liquid vs Aerosol

edited April 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hi BBs!

I've become very interested in the skin and hair benefits of coconut oil. But let's face it, the solid form is pretty inconvenient.

I recently found aerosol and liquid forms (meant for cooking). I've used the aerosol in my hair and the liquid in skin treatments, but I recently learned the liquid version (and assume the aerosol version) do not contain lauric acid.

Is lauric acid the most beneficial fatty acid in coconut oil for hair and skin care? Does coconut oil lose it's ability to penetrate hair and skin without it?



  • Coconut oil is approximately 50% lauric acid. If you take that out, it's not really coconut oil any more! (So no, it won't work the same.)
  • Bah! Bummer. 
    Thank you!
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