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Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty

edited April 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hi Beauty Brains,

The Meaningful Beauty line by Cindy Crawford claims to have a special melon ingredient that looks pretty good on the TV ad. 
Does it contain anything that looks like it would work as described? Is it similar to any other products?



  • does it grow a mole on your upper lip?    SORRY!  SORRY!  SORRY!  SORRY!  SORRY!

    me runs behind the couch.  if Natalie Imbruglia was as famous as CC, i think Natalie would have been a more effective spokesperson.  i would like to look like Natalie.  or Kelly Ripa.

    about celebrity spokespersons, one known for her huge posterior than singing skills recently shilled a product.  made me wonder if i used said product, which goes on face, would it make my butt swell to gargantuan proportions.

    sometimes i wonder about the choice for some celebrity/model spokespersons.
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