Is it true cheap jewelry is dangerous or toxic?

My skeptic senses are tingling but I still want to know your thoughts. 


  • I get a big irritation if I wear earrings that are not gold or silver and I can't wear them for more than a few hours. I also get a rash if I wear some other type of jewellery made from metals. But plastic bracelets are not a problem. But I know girls who wear non silver earrings every day and don't have any problem.
  • I agree with the Jezebel article: you shouldn't eat cheap jewelry. Beyond that, I don't see much cause for concern (as long as you're not having an allergic reaction.)
  • Okay. I did find the Jezebel article was chemophobic though. 
  • It's only dangerous for sensitive skin, I also can't wear cheap material jewelry because of skin problem, I mostly wear gold, silver, and FrostNYC Coupons jewelry, because they are selling gold plated jewelry which helps me to prevent from any skin allergy.
  • We don't know how it's bad, but it's correlated with bad in heavy dosages. Here How to Look Good Without Makeup
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