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Layering of products on skin

New to this forum here. Was directed to this website from a link on mineral oil and boy was I so glad! Read through about 30 pages of the website over a period of few days!

Not sure if this has been asked before, but does layering of skincare products really work; is it still effective? Reason being I read somewhere here that skincare products take about 30" to slowly penetrate into the skin. Most Asian skincare brands advocate a lot of products which goes something like cleanser, toner, serum / essence, lotion / emulsion, cream, mask (various forms). Can our skin handle all of these? Do we need to wait in between layering? Or is this just hocus pocus too? Thank you in advance!


  • I think so because after all those products I put Retin-A and it visibly stills exfoliate my skin! 

    I personally don't feel my skin REALLY well hydrated if I use just a serum or just a moisturizer cream for instance. 
  • Well retin-A is a AHA (If I remember correctly?) so I guess it's efficacy? Or penetration power is better. I guess AHAs start their work on the skin the moment we put in our faces? :)

    The reason why I asked this is because while I find just one product might not suffice (ESP in winter), the idea of slathering on so many products on our face really makes me wonder whether their efficacy (if any!) is compromised. Perhaps we don't even need to use so many... I sometimes tell myself that I should let the first product sink into my skin a little first before I layer on the second but after reading that skincare products need about 30" to penetrate the outer layer I'm beginning to question myself again..
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